Decimal Place Values

Decimal Place Values

Every digit in a decimal number has a characteristic called a PLACE VALUE.  This page will help you learn to identify PLACE VALUES in a decimal.

Below, each arrow points to a place(digit) in a decimal number.   Watch as the PLACE VALUE pops up at the tail of each arrow.   Notice how the PLACE VALUE relates to the location of the decimal point in the decimal number.

decimal place values

Check Your Understanding

Read the question, visualize the think about the answer, then click on the answer to right to check your answer.

  1. How far from the decimal point is the HUNDREDTHS place value?
  2. How far from the decimal pointis the TENTHS place value?
  3. How far from the decimal point is the THOUSANDTHS place value?
  4. How far from the decimal point is the TEN-THOUSANDTHS place value?
  5. Relative to the decimal point, where do you think you would find the 100-THOUSANDTHS place value?